Welcome to the PROFILE Training Module tool.

This manual is a useful tool that provides a theoretical and practical framework for those organizing a training module for professionals (e.g. nurses) and non-professionals (e.g. volunteers) to inform them about loneliness in the older and give them tools.

The manual consists of three parts covering different aspects of the issue of loneliness:

  • Part 1: A theoretical part on “what is loneliness”
  • Part 2: A practical part on “how to address loneliness in lonely people’’
  • Part 3: A reflection on practice, role and boundary demarcation

The first 2 parts are similar for both professionals and volunteers as trainees, while part 3 differs depending on their role, responsibilities and the context. Within this framework, a broad educational section has been created aimed at different sectors (“Guide”) that offers trainers different ideas and tips on how to create dynamic and interactive training.

You can also find 6 videos:

  • Two videos concerning a testimony of loneliness: there is a short and a long version that you can find here.
  • Four videos regarding (1) the presentation of our training module; (2) a presentation of what is loneliness; (3) a presentation of the correlations of loneliness; (4) a presentation of the interventions to address loneliness: here

How to use this tool?

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